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 Welcome to virtual law company.


This is a comprehensive website offering services to:

1. Lawyers / advocates / law firms etc
2. Individuals
3. Corporate

  1. If you are a lawyer :
    1. Get access to any bare act / rule / statute / notification / government resolution / case laws etc.  
    2. We will draft suits, write petitions, plaints, written statements, affidavits, replies, appeals etc for you, forward the same to you for finalisation by email. 
    3. Legal news items.
    4. We will settle, and finalise the drafts after you carry out the corrections.
    5. We will research and forward to you by email all the required case laws on the points formulated by you. 
    6. We will prepare for argument and hand over the entire brief to you along with detailed markers, notes and citations so that you would be ready to argue the matter in any court on the lines that may be ultimately finalized by you.
    7. Avail of services of a stenographer / typist etc. Type and print the exhibits and documents required for any of the proceedings.
    8. Other service providers.


  2.   If you are an individual or a corporate - company
    1.  You may register yourself free of cost and 
    2. Get the benefit of a lots of free stuff
    3. Number of bare acts.
    4. Number of case
    5. Legal news
    6. Interact with professionals at our site
    7. At a nominal cost avail of the following services from
      1. Government resolution etc.
      2. Find a lawyer / advocate / legal advisor / law firm located in a particular area in respect of any particular field of law by availing of our free directory however the same shall be with a disclaimer relating to the responsibility of our site. You may directly deal with such lawyer / advocate / legal advisor / law firm and our site shall not be responsible regarding any issue that may arise between yourself and such an entity.
      3. Seek authentic, certified written legal advice, opinion through our site from a reputed lawyer / advocate / legal advisor / law firm in respect of any issue pertaining to any field of law at a price.
      4. Engage a lawyer / advocate / legal advisor / law firm at a price through our site for initiating a court matter / defending a court matter situated anywhere in India.
      5. For drafting of any legal notice.
      6. For drafting of a reply to any legal notice received by you.
      7.  For drafting of any legal document.
      8. Purchase deed.
      9. Sale deed.
      10. Will.
      11. Leave and license agreement.
      12. Contract.
      13. Agreement.
      14. Knowing a precedent or case law on any point of law.